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About ggcME


ggcME is targeted to deliver Pharmacogenomics (PGx) recommendations, and results to you, post your genetic test with your hospital, which is collaborating with Global Gene Corp Pte Ltd.

According to your genetic findings, ggcME lets you know, if there are any phar-macogenomic suggestions for the drugs you consume. These PGx suggestions are served to you that can be discussed with your doctor in detail and actions can be taken as per their recommendations.

The App provides a one-stop platform to maintain your health records as well as genetic records. This helps you maintaining your medical history online in one place.

Why Pharmacogenomics?

Pharmacogenomics studies the effect of the genetic fingerprint of an individual on her/his response to the drugs she/he takes. By the use of this study, it is en-visioned that pharmaceutical drug treatments can finally deviate from what is dubbed as the "one-dose-fits-all" approach. The same drug and same dosage cannot always work in the same way with the same efficacy for all patients, as their genetic make is different and which in turn, can have an impact on their drug response. Such approaches promise the advent of precision medicine and even personalized medicine, in which drugs and drug combinations are opti-mized for narrow subsets of patients or some time even for an individual patient.


HEALTH DATA: Upload all your medical history on to the App and have one place for all of those records of years.

GENETIC RECORDS: Let the hospital upload the reports and get push notifica-tions when your reports are ready to view on the App.

DRUG RESPONSE: You can check if any of your prescribed medicine has any suggestions depending on your genomic profile.

INTERACTION WITH YOUR DOCTOR AND HOSPITAL: This is also made easy as all the reports are shared with your doctor too electronically.